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I have a passion and craze for makeup and skincare or anything related to the beauty world. That prompted me to create Wonder of GLAM.

I strive to make Wonder of GLAM a place to show you what and how I see any product or launch or brand. Whatever I have provided in Wonder of GLAM are best to my knowledge and my experience with the product. I experience these products and tips myself and then provide the details. These are not influenced by anyone. Here are few points I want to tell to all my readers:

  1. All the Details that I provide here in are for your general reference and use. Something which did not worked for me, may be working for you. I put in a lot of hard work to create each individual blog post. Information like Price, product Size and Amount or Ingredient list that are provided in a post are best to my knowledge and of the time the post was published. Price is something that tends to change. If any of the detail regarding Ingredient list of your product needs modification, do let me know. I would modify them as soon as possible.
  2. I like to review all the Products I come across with. This would include samples, gifts, my own purchase etc. I will try my best to provide information on how a product came in my life. Most of the products are purchased by me. How so ever I receive a product, that doesn’t affect the review I provide for it.
  3. Lets talk about Images that I use in the blog a bit. I click most of the product pictures myself. There are cases when I use Images from web that are believed to be publicly accessible. I do NOT claim to be owner of those images. If you are the owner of them and want them to be removed, do email me. I will remove them as soon as possible.
  4. Most of the time I add Description of the product, in product review posts and subscription box post, as to how it is being seen by the Brand that launched it. These are the descriptions taken directly from the Product page from the website of the Brand that launched it at the time of writing the review post. The intention to add this is to know how the product is perceived by the brand and then I provide my analysis and experience details. I do not owe those descriptions and they are NOT my descriptions or review points. In case you as a Brand and owner of the product want me to remove it, please let me know and I will do it as soon as possible. A Typical Description of the Product or Sample received in a Subscription Box while reviewing the whole box are a one or 2 liner description as found in the product Brand website or online websites that sell them. This is just meant to give a brief idea as to what a product is supposed to do. A Typical Product or Sample review Description or Definition looks like this:

    This is how a typical description or definition looks like, in case I provide it in the post. They are taken directly from the product page of the brand.

Wonder of GLAM is growing as well is evolving. You may find changes in the layout, format and looks frequently. Do let me know what and how you like Wonder of GLAM to be.

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