UPDATE: What is going on with WOG?

HI Glamzzzzzzzzzzz,

More updates with what is happening with WOG and me. Well once again past few months have been busy, stressful for my family and me. So much so that I did not got time and strength for one of my passion…”BEAUTY”.

Eventually, it looks like I would be returning to my home country…that is India…by end of July. Its not confirmed as of now…and so eventually I had to end my subscriptions…which I really loved. June was the last month when I did received all my boxes…and July will be one when I will receive few of them…reason being emailing to cancel subscription does not necessarily mean they are cancelled. So over this new week I will be calling many of the subscription boxes Customer Care to ask them to end my subscription.

That being said…atleast August and probably September would be the months when I would not receive any boxes. If I stay here…which seems to be an option (but nothing is confirmed now)…I would love to start them again. And if I move to my home country…I would search for subscriptions which I can subscribe to in there…few being Lookfantastic, Lip Monthly.

Hoping everything will be good…I will update you more once I know more. I am sure WOG will bounce back once things are settled. And I really hope you all…who love WOG…will understand everything and continue loving WOG…

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