What is going on with WOG?

HI Glamzzzzzzzzzzz,

I am really sorry for delays in my post. Many of you must be wondering as to what is going on with the blog and me. I know I am not working on WOG as much as I should for the last couple of months. I haven’t reviewed my April boxes yet and reviews of products are not at all coming up as I thought and planned.

Well, past couple of months…were just busy and more busy with…all three of us (my Hubby, my Daughter and myself)…down with flu. Then since this May was the last month of my daughter’s school…there were so many events in her school…and it kept me busy.

I got time here and there to work on the blog…but yes it was not consistent. And finally there are some stressful stuffs still going on the work part…but then things are not confirmed yet. When I would know some definite decisions…I would surely share them with you.

June is a new month…and I am working hard to bring WOG back to what it was…hopefully better than before. I am planning and trying on some new changes to the site. Hopefully everything will give WOG a new look and a beginning.

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