Vellvette Box……

HI Glamzzzzzzzzzzz……

Like me many of you might have heard, read or even a step ahead experienced Vellvette Boxes. I have read a lot about them, good and even not good. Thinking to experience it my self, I ordered it and think what, I took a 3 month Subscription of it in Rs. 1099.

This will mean approximately Rs. 366 per Box. As it says, they will send 3 products( may be sample or a full size product). What will be send, I think depends more on them than me. Read that they send High end Beauty brand products and even read that they are now sending cheaper brands product now a days.

Lets see what I may get, and will post details and pics of whatever I receive. And ya, No pics in this post as i haven’t received any box yet. So fingers crossed and hopping for some good and worth of money products from Vellvette.

Ingredients: N/A
Price: Rs. 1099 for 3 months(Indian Price)
Rating(out of 10): N/A
Yes/No: N/A
Pluses: N/A
Minuses: N/A

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